We are actively involved in SDGs initiatives, cotton projects, campaigns to overcome intractable diseases and donation activities, development of sustainable products using recycled materials, etc., and use of eco-friendly materials in packaging.

Cotton Project

This project is centered on growing cotton for socks in a field next to a planned factory in Yamatotakada City, located in Nara, Japan. We want to pass on the tradition of cotton cultivation to the next generation, so they can see this piece of history from their region continue into the future.

Campaign to Conquer Intractable Diseases

We are working with Nara Medical University to develop products that can replace orthotics for people with Parkinson’s disease and limb disabilities.

Disaster Relief

We provided assistance such as sock donations when disaster struck, and 100,000 masks were donated to local medical institutions when there was a mask shortage during the COVID-19 outbreak.