“Reflexology” – Pressure points are based on the concept of “chi” in oriental medicine. Chi is invisible to the eye, but has an important function in maintaining vital bodily activities.
The soles of the feet, known as the “second heart”, have about 60 to 70 acupoints. Should any part of the body become unstable, pain can be felt when these acupoints are pressed. Each point has a specific organ (or organs) to which it corresponds. Therefore, pressing a specific acupoint can effectively stiumlate the corresponding internal organ (or organs). For example, stimulating the eye points can relieve eye fatigue.

Our “Double-Sided Reflexology Socks” is a sock with the “ACUPOINT MAP” applied to the surface of the sock. Not only can it pinpoint trouble areas, but the pressure points on the reverse side stimulate the entire sole, providing a massage effect just by walking while wearing them.

In fact, features of our socks were created largely based on customer feedback. The development of double-sided reflexology socks was initially difficult due to the necessity of turning socks inside out for printing, but after much trial and error, we were able to commercialize the product.

We value our customers’ opinions and plan on continuing to create unique socks from their feedback. Let us warm up your feet and heart!